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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with cash?

No, we're sorry. The safest way to keep our self and our team away from scams is to avoid mailing issues.

Can I get a free video?

Yes! There are free samples of our video courses. Before purchasing, you can always watch the previews. We’ll also be adding free material in due time, so please check the site regularly.

Is payment secure on the website?

Yes! You can pay via Paypal. Use your account details from Paypal or create one in few seconds. The account on Paypal is free.

Do I have to register on the website?

Yes! Before you purchase our videos, you have to be registered on the website. The payment process will guide you through all the steps.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription any time!

For whom are the video courses?

Our video courses are for Juniors, Youth, Amateurs, Seniors, Pro-Am students, Professionals and for all lovers of Ballroom Dancing.