Book a Private Session with Sergiu and Dorota

If you can't meet with Sergiu and Dorota in person, you can simply book an interactive online, one-on-one session via Zoom or Skype at your preferred time. Sergiu and Dorota will do their best to help you!

  • Online One on One lesson via Zoom App or Skype.

    45 min

    100 euros

We would love to work with you on Mechanical Efficiency , Partnering Skills, Performance Skills, Musicality and more. Over the years, we gathered knowledge from our mentors and teachers from UK, Netherlands and Italy. Our dance vision is to create the form from within. We believe true power comes from understanding and synchronizing physical abilities with emotional intelligence and intention of the movement.

Before you book the online private lesson, please write us a message to

make sure that your preferred time is available. Thank you!